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So yesterday I was able to spread a little love and kindness by doing some doorstep portraits (doortraits) of the beautiful Annabelle and Ben, who, if it weren't for Covid-19, would have been married at Tournerbury Woods on the 12th May.

This is such a difficult time for everyone, and I am so thankful for the wonderful couples I get to work with, but my heart really has gone out to those who were in the final countdown to their big day, only to have it snatched away at the last moment. And yes people will remind them that 'it's for the best', or that 'at least they have their health', both of which are completely true...but it still sucks and it's really important to acknowledge that!

So to try and bring some laughter and fun back to their should-have-been I went to see Annabelle and Ben and spent an hour playing in the field behind their house and spraying champagne in their front garden. Annabelle created a bouquet from flowers in her garden, and opened the door with veil and white dress ready to go. It was all kinds of wonderful.

"We have just looked at the pictures! Thank you so much! I honestly can't tell you how much we appreciate you coming to take them. I had been so emotional in the days leading up to our 'should have been' day and was kind of dreading it, but receiving your email cheered me up more than you could know. I had thought about getting dressed up in white but I thought I'd feel silly, you coming gave us a reason to get dressed up and made such a difference! You made our day so much more special and turned it from just a 'should-have-been' to 'Our Wedding Part 1'. It was lovely to get a taster of the day to come and has made us so excited for the real thing! Thank you, thank you, thank you" Annabelle + Ben

We are now offering doorstep portraits for all families and couples, these shoots will be completed from the safety of your front garden/porch/door/window, but are a beautiful way to create loving memorable moments of these trying times.