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Are you recently engaged or starting wedding planning in 2021? It's going to be a little different from normal, but here are my 5 key points to remember this year!

As a wedding photographer and a 2020, then 2021 bride (but who knows) I understand how stressful the past year has been from both a couples, and supplier perspective. Right now it might feel like wedding planning in early 2021 is like looking both ways to cross the road and then being hit be an aeroplane. BUT with vaccines on the roll-out and a light at the end of the tunnel, you could be planning the social event of the decade so far! When weddings can safely take place they will be so full of joy, gratitude and a damn good party, so let's get planning.


So you've got the ring and a huge beaming smile to match, but have you told your nearest and dearest yet? If you can't see them in person then why not stage your own engagement photoshoot with a self timer. Or create an adorable video that you can send out to family and friends? Do be sensitive of friends and family who may have had to postpone their own wedding in the last 12 months, as this may be a trigger for them. BUT generally, we have found that right now people need joy more than ever, so the news of your engagement and upcoming wedding gives hope to others and reminds us all that love isn't cancelled! We are all going to need a great party after this after all!


Wedding planning always leaves the possibility of some awkward discussions, no matter when/where you are planning it. When finances, family disputes and guest lists are involved, it is likely that you, your fiancé / parents / in-laws, will have different views and priorities of what the day will look like.

This is why it can really help being as open as possible from the offset, if anyone is offering to help with payments for the wedding then establish what that means; is it a certain element they want to fund? (e.g the reception), or will they expect to have say over the guest list.

Or if you are funding yourself then discuss your priorities with your partner and assess a realistic budget, your wedding is a day that should bring love and joy to you both, not debt! A great way to start this is to each write down which aspect of the day is really important to you, or alternatively, what isn't so important. For us my two were the venue and the photography (obviously :'p), and I knew I didn't want a wedding car, but for Ryan he wanted great food. We then knew those were the three main costs of our day and could factor our budget around them.