"We spotted Katie’s gorgeous work on Instagram and new she was the right person for us!

Katie has given us so many beautiful lasting memories of our day. Her approach leading up to our wedding was so relaxed and professional, and we felt at ease right from the start. Her energy and enthusiasm are wonderful to be around and she made the best day of our lives even brighter- we cannot recommend this woman and her mean skills enough!

Charlie and Alex x"

Alex and Charlie found me through my Instagram account @KatieWinterPhotography. Living in New Zealand and organising a British wedding would be a challenge, but one they took in their stride. After chatting about all manner of things on Skype at silly o'clock in the morning, it was clear from the get-go that this was the kind of couple I not only love to photograph but who usually become good friends, boy how right I was. My partner and I will be popping in to see them when we venture to New Zealand in December 2020.

The Square Tower Portsmouth is personal favourite of mine and one of which I am a recommended supplier. It is such a versatile venue and perfectly suited these lovebirds quirky DIY wedding. Charlie's dress was lovingly pieced together by Harriet Dee from her mothers wedding dress, an emotive and stunning touch. The bride also hand made the flowers for the day, amongst many other wonderful DIY creations, it was a feast for the eyes!

Most of the guests literally flew half-way round the world to celebrate this pair tying the knot and it was clear to see why. The love that these to emit is contagious. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear and generally having the most amazing time. We were also able to squeeze in not one but two couple portrait sessions. First we flew down to Southsea seafront to take some photos of the Bride and Groom in the arcades, then with the iconic yellow bus shelters.

We were then lucky enough to have time to sneak back out during golden hour (although it was completely overcast) to get some more romantic photos of bride and groom outside the Square Tower walls.


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